Does Soy Milk Aid Weight Loss? Discover Now!

Does Soy Milk Aid Weight Loss?

Soybeans are a popular choice due to their low-calorie content and rich nutritional value, especially their antioxidants. At first glance, it seems like an ideal food for those looking to build muscle and lose weight, but its effectiveness largely depends on how you use it. Does soy milk aid weight loss? Let’s delve into the details with Star Foxair Craft in the article below!

Does Soy Milk Aid Weight Loss?
Does Soy Milk Aid Weight Loss?

Components in Soy Milk 

Soy milk is prepared by soaking and grinding raw soybeans, then boiling the mixture and filtering out the remaining beans. It is considered an extremely healthy beverage for the body as it is entirely extracted from natural ingredients.

According to statistics, a glass of pure soy milk provides the following valuable components: 30% riboflavin and 50% vitamin B12: Essentially, these two B-group vitamins play a crucial role in the metabolism of fats absorbed by the body into energy for living activities, thereby promoting effective excess fat burning.

Fiber: Nutritionists say that consuming soy milk can meet about 10 – 12% of the body’s daily fiber needs. This component plays a role in creating a longer feeling of fullness, thereby reducing additional calorie intake. This is very promising for the dieting process of individuals.

Soybeans also contain a significant amount of protein and essential amino acids. As a result, your body won’t look too fat and unattractive if you’re not too overweight.

Components in Soy Milk 
Components in Soy Milk

Does Drinking Soy Milk Lead to Weight Loss? 

The answer is “Yes”, but how much weight loss and whether it’s truly effective or not still needs to be weighed. Misusing soy milk not only fails to bring benefits but can also cause a reverse effect, making you gain weight rapidly and even adversely affecting overall health. To answer this question accurately, let’s explore each aspect of the issue as follows:

How Should Soy Milk Be Consumed for Weight Management? 

Soy milk contains a lot of monounsaturated fats. These fatty acids can help prevent the absorption of fats in the intestines. In addition, the abundant fiber also creates a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings. Therefore, drinking soy milk every day greatly supports your weight loss process.

However, no matter how good it is, you should consume it in moderation. Overuse can significantly affect the digestive system, potentially causing indigestion and bloating, which is extremely uncomfortable. The dosage for adults is about 500ml per day.

Each time you should only use a small cup from 100-150ml. Remember! Don’t drink too much soy milk in a day, otherwise, the uncomfortable feeling of warmth will bother you all day!

How Should Soy Milk Be Consumed for Weight Management? 
How Should Soy Milk Be Consumed for Weight Management?

Should You Drink Soy Milk with Sugar? 

Soy milk is usually quite bland, only having the fragrant smell and gentle creamy taste of soybeans. Therefore, most people’s habit is to add sugar to have a light sweet taste, enhancing the flavor of this drink. But this is indeed a bad habit if you are trying to lose weight.

Sugar is always the cause of obesity, as sugar breaks down into many energy units. So once you have a weight loss plan, you can’t let sweet foods be present in your daily nutrition menu.

If you like the sweet taste, you should only add a little sugar specifically for dieters to soy milk. Don’t add too much sugar to this drink to avoid weight gain!

Avoid Drinking Soy Milk at Night 

Typically, we shouldn’t eat a lot for dinner and should only prioritize using easy-to-digest products. Soy milk is quite rich in protein and can put pressure on the digestive system, making users feel bloated and difficult to sleep, especially those with poor gastrointestinal systems.

Therefore, difficulty sleeping, not deep sleep, and staying up too late will stimulate the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. So, soy milk is a suitable drink for breakfast every morning. Using soy milk at any time is very important in weight loss.

Combine Soy Milk with Other Diet Foods 

Although it’s a nutrient-rich drink, just drinking soy milk is not a good solution. You should balance milk with other beneficial foods to build a scientific weight loss menu.

Depending on your weight to calculate and balance the necessary calorie amount each day. Specifically, each kg of body weight needs about 25-30kcal per day. When losing weight, this amount can be lower.

The menu needs to balance 4 main groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). With that, weight loss will be beautiful and ensure health.

Side Effects of Using Soy Milk for Weight Loss 

  • Firstly, with the purpose of drinking soy milk to lose weight, you should only use pure soy milk. You should not use a lot of sugar. Because the substances in sugar can cause a reverse effect, making the body gain weight.
  • Secondly, to get the desired effect, you should use homemade soy milk. You should not use processed soy milk or soybeans with preservative ingredients. Packaged milk may contain more substances that cause weight gain or have side effects on health.
Side Effects of Using Soy Milk
Side Effects of Using Soy Milk

Soybeans Cannot Increase Muscle Mass 

If you choose to use soybeans as a substitute for cow’s milk for fear of the risk of muscle gain during exercise, this is not a good idea.

In fact, studies show that the amino acids that support the growth and recovery of muscles in soybeans are absorbed by the viscera (stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, and spleen) and do not provide energy for the peripheral areas of the body such as muscles.

In addition, the protein of soybeans also inhibits the activity of the amino acid leucine (an amino acid that supports muscle building) and the factors that activate muscle growth.

Soybeans Can Make You Gain Weight 

One of the adverse effects of soybeans on weight is due to its ability to obstruct the activities of the thyroid gland, causing the thyroid gland to not function normally, causing a decrease in metabolism and a higher risk of weight gain.

Soybeans can also affect the hormonal balance in the body. This type of bean contains a lot of phytoestrogens, which encourage the growth of cells sensitive to the amplification of the female hormone estrogen, thereby leading to increased fat accumulation in the chest, legs, waist, and buttocks.

Notes When Using Soy Milk for Weight Loss 

  • Remember to boil thoroughly before using, because raw milk has components such as saponin and Trypsin inhibitory enzymes … capable of causing nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or even poisoning.
  • Many people cannot absorb soy milk. Soybeans according to oriental medicine have a cold nature. So those who have a cold spleen and stomach are very likely to be bloated, bloated, sour belching… Patients with kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, frequent urination at night… can also get worse when drinking this drink.
  • Red sugar contains many organic acids that can react with protit, calcium to denature. So don’t mix milk with red sugar to avoid affecting absorption.
  • Store milk in a thermos because this is an environment that easily produces bacteria.
  • Beating eggs with soy milk will create curd causing indigestion and losing good nutrients in this drink.
  • Need to drink soy milk with foods containing starch. Should not only drink soy milk.
  • If you are taking antibiotics, you should avoid using soy milk. The reason is that some types of drugs can decompose beneficial nutrients in milk. If you want to use, you should drink about 1 hour apart to limit this adverse effect.
Notes When Using Soy Milk
Notes When Using Soy Milk


In summary, the question Does drinking soy milk help with weight loss?” is a common one among those embarking on a weight loss journey. Soy milk, rich in protein and low in calories, can be a nutritious addition to a balanced diet. However, it’s crucial to consume it mindfully. Unsweetened soy milk is preferable, and combining it with other nutrient-dense foods can enhance its benefits. Avoiding soy milk in the evening is advisable to prevent potential digestive issues. Despite its benefits, soy milk isn’t a magic solution for weight loss and should be part of a comprehensive approach, including regular exercise and a well-rounded diet. By understanding its role and benefits, you can make informed decisions that support your weight loss goals effectively.

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